Curiouser and curiouser

I had written to Seabiscuit earlier today, mentioning my exchange with David that fell into oblivion. It was such a shame, I thought, that things were just getting interesting and exciting with David, and then work called him away. Our long email exchanges, reduced to a few sad scraps of sentences that felt closer to texts than any significant exchange. And all of it to fall apart just as I started to think maybe I could date a 48 year old.

How funny that this change led to my posting my own ad, a response to David’s in a way. I made it as elegant and well written as David’s original post. The title even reflected one of the significant things we did exchange: music.

Alas, he was lost as driftwood to the sea…

So imagine my surprise when, no sooner had I finished my email to Seabiscuit, I saw a new message appear–from David.

Now things are really starting to get interesting around here.