There have been two strange occurrences this week. The first I have written of already: how I wrote to Seabiscuit about David and, no sooner was that email sent, I received a message from David.

The second happened only yesterday. I emailed my new British penpal, an older gentleman and scholar of Lord Byron. (Henceforth, I shall write of him as “Lord Byron” because, let’s keep things interesting, and I’d hate to append “the UK one” all the time when others are likely to have the same name.) I wrote about Glen to Lord Byron.

What should show up in my inbox an hour later? An apology from Glen! If I may summon a man by invoking his name, I hope Chris T will soon rise from his grave…

Is this typical? Do men of Craigslist rise from the dead anywhere between 7-21 days post-last email? If so, oh dear. I might have a lot of zombies on my hands. The incubation period of the virus has not passed 21 days yet for them all.

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