How quickly people vanish into the Craigslist abyss!

Christopher and Alex were last heard from around July 3. It’s nearly been a week, and Kevin never wrote back to confirm a date for this Friday. Mr. Scavenger Hunt never wrote back despite how much I hoped to receive a letter in return. Even Seabiscuit, who I think stayed in correspondence the longest with me, has not responded for a few days.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, then it seemed time to change things up.

I wrote a new post “on the eve of her 32nd birthday” with The Smiths references to “Some girls are bigger than others”. I got fewer responses than my previous posts (it was also a different time of day), but interesting ones. Someone as far away from Florida responded–how on earth did he stumble upon my post? Sadly, no one caught the reference, not even the music teacher from Florida.

I immediately liked the playfulness of one named Glen. His language was very alluring and seductive. Though I didn’t ask for a photo, he sent one when I told my disastrous story with Patrick. I dreaded opening the email with images but was pleasantly surprised at how handsome he was–like a clean-shaven Jeff Bridges.

Speaking of Patrick, he reached out to wish me a happy birthday but his message was mixed. I had trouble reading his intentions and did not appreciate the joke he sent. When I responded, he again dug his heels in, got defensive, and I felt attacked. 

I scoffed as he tried to claim that he was the victim and how hurt he was that I called him deceitful. According to him, I should have known the image was old by how young his son looked. Right. In a 43kb, grainy, low-resolution image without any other points of reference, I should be able to tell ages of folks I don’t know.

He has yet to respond to what I sent in return. If he does reply, if I hear more whining from a cranky old privileged white male, all I will have left to say is “For fuck’s sake, Patrick, did it ever occur to you that all you needed to do was apologize and say you were sorry?”

Instead he keeps sending things that drive the wedge in deeper and increase the distance between us. Three strikes, and you’ll be out, Patrick.

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