I have been writing out my feelings to JL.

I do not want to feel pressured to stay in a relationship that makes me unhappy. I need to say what I need to say.

I get teary-eyed as I type. I have had to wipe away tears, but I know I need to be honest and I know it will break his heart.

I think the letter is complete, but I still need to send it. I know he will be very upset. I plan to send it Friday afternoon so as not to upset him mid-week. I know it will impact him at work and his coworkers will notice if I send it midweek. Also, because I will be gone Friday evening and most of Saturday, he will have time to himself if he needs it.

I took time off next week, originally planning to spend time with him for his birthday… I had requested the time off months ago, but now I guess I will have time off and he might not want to see me. It looks to be a pretty miserable, a very unhappy birthday.

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