On a walk with two male friends, J and M, somehow the conversation turned to golden showers.

J is in his mid 20s; he is a very physically masculine hetero guy but complete emotional softie. M is a young-looking and much more mature gay male; he is closer to my age, somewhere around 30. The dynamic of the two is like close brothers; they are a fun pair to hang around.

Also, the funny thing is J, the straight male, seems to have way more drama and is always talking about his girl problems. On one occasion, this habit prompted someone else at our lunch table to tell him, “Jesus, you whine like a girl.”

Anyhow, back to the conversation at hand: golden showers.

J thought that they were some weird freaky shit.

M and I disagreed on account of there’s a lot worse out there when it comes to kinks, and it is it seems the least weird or innocent compared to other shit. When it comes to kinks, as M put it: “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

We kept walking, and M then confessed he had had a golden shower before when the guy he was with was really into them.

“But to be honest, I wasn’t really into it. It’s not my thing,” M said.

“You know, M,” I replied, “some of us just know we’re not really into it without having to try it.”

J and I then broke into laughter.

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