At the happy hour, I mingled with a few different people, forcing myself to be a social butterfly–a truly concerted effort for an introvert like me.

I was amused when Sarah, who worked at Idealist, said she had accomplished her goal and was ready to leave: she had spoken to at least 5 different people. I immediately started to count in my head how many people I had spoken to and wondered if I should do the same. Being social–it can be so exhausting!

Still, I stayed and continued to mingle. I approached the MC, intending to talk to her about possibly presenting at a future conference, and I was caught by surprise that she seemed to have noticed me out of the hundreds of people there.

“You have a great laugh! I kept hearing it throughout the conference, and it was wonderful.”

My original reason for approaching was sidetracked as we continued talking and when I explained what our company does, she exclaimed I must meet the RunKeeper group.

She introduced me to the group, chatted a bit, and then wandered off to mingle with others. I spent the remainder of my time speaking with two girls: Jill and Annie. We shared some funny stories about our coworkers and how people don’t understand technology. I don’t envy trying to explain how GPS works, and we get as much fun out of explaining a left click versus a right click.

The three of us ended up taking last minute photos in the photobooth together. They were all quite silly. I think they wanted to hang out more that evening, but when the organizers finally started shutting down the happy hour and everyone had to leave, we had just been separated, and I seized the opportunity to head back. I walked back to the hotel alone. My social batteries were as drained as my mobile’s.

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